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Community drama group competition in Botswana

A drama group performs

The Concerting intervention in the Choice Disability trial involves bringing together service providers in the community to consider evidence about choice disability in relation to gender violence and HIV risk and to plan how they can work together to tackle such problems.

A concerting forum of service providers in a village in Botswana decided to organise a drama group competition to highlight issues of choice disability, gender violence and HIV. The competition took place in February 2012. The event proved very popular. Men and women of all ages, and plenty of children, flocked to the venue in the village kgotla. Once all available seating within the kgotla building was full, people seemed happy to watch from outside.

A community leader speaks about the purpose of the drama competition

Community leaders, members of the concerting forum, and a CIET coordinator gave presentations about the problem of choice disability and gender violence and how this places many people at increased risk of HIV. The drama groups then performed, featuring stories about women suffering gender violence, young women facing peer pressure to get involved in transactional and intergenerational sex, and the consequent risks, including HIV infection. A panel of judges , including visitors to the community, deliberated and then awarded a prize to the winning group.


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