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Community feasts in the FW intervention

Young women prepare food for a community feast

Holding a community feast, organised by the young women in the FW group, is a part of the focused workshop intervention. At this feast the young women present their enterprise to their community, including community leaders and invited guests such as those from relevant government departments. Organising this feast consolidates their training and changes their standing in the eyes of their community, and in their own eyes.

The initial intention was for all FW groups to organise a community feast at an early stage, to share with the community their plans for an enterprise. However, it soon became clear that it was premature to organise a feast before the young women in the FW group had got their enterprise up and running. Instead, FW groups have waited to hold feasts until they are more secure in the way their enterprise is working.

Those FW groups that have organised community feasts have enjoyed the experience and feel it has confirmed their change in status in the community.

To learn more about the community feasts, read a report on a feast held in a village in Namibia.

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