Voices from the communities

During the Choice Disability trial we have used an adaptation of the Most Significant Change technique to conduct a process evaluation of the Beyond Victims and Villains (BVV) intervention and the Focused Workshop (FW) intervention. The technique entails collecting stories of “most significant change” from community members involved in the intervention and then further selecting those stories the research team feel to be the most significant. The stories provide a vivid picture of the lives of the story tellers and illustrate how the interventions helped to precipitate important changes.


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Choice disability campaign

Young women in Swaziland set up a choice disability campaign in their community. Read More

Drama groups competition

Service providers in Botswana get together to organise a drama group competition in their village.
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Community feast

A group of young women in Namibia organise a community feast to celebrate their enterprise.
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BVV community groups

FW enterprises