Stories about the BVV intervention

The following are quotes from selected stories about changes women and men attributed to the BVV intervention. Click on a quote to access the story in full.

 “That is when I realized that I could leave him

 “I realised that I was in an abusive relationship and that something can be done

 “These sessions made me realise that what I am doing to my partner is serious physical abuse

 “The BVV session about inter-generational sex hit home

 “These sessions opened the light to the dark side of my life

 “I invited the other partner to the radio session… He stopped abusing me

 “She stopped that because of the discussions we had at the BVV sessions

 “We have told ourselves that we will stop sleeping around

 “I regained my self-esteem, and refuse to be abused again

 “I remembered that hitting a woman is not a good thing so I left.

 “This discussion opened up their eyes

 “I realized that I have to hold my anger and talk properly to the children

 “Hearing it from BVV, in a way made a difference and that tempted me to change

 “I learned about transactional sex and realized that is what me and the girls are doing

 “I did not want my children to do the same to their own children; the chain broke with me.

 “I wish I knew this 10 years ago before my husband infected me with the AIDS virus

 “Some of them [BVV participants] are thinking differently now; they want to do well in school so that they can be self dependant one day

 “I learnt that women have the same rights as us men

 “I realise how stupid this whole thing is. We are putting our lives at risk just to show that we are men.

 “I never knew that having sex without your partner’s consent is rape.

 “I made it clear that I am not refusing to have sex with him, but if there is no condom there will be no sex.

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